Speaker: Pastor Madelyn Campbell

Endings and Beginnings: Celebrating Our Interim Ministry Together

It’s time for Pastor Madelyn to say goodbye to UUFSB as the congregation looks forward to the next ministry. Let’s celebrate the time we’ve had together and the anticipation of what comes next.  Following the service, we will be celebrating Pastor Madelyn’s time with the Fellowship and thank Pastor Madelyn for her help during our … Continue reading Endings and Beginnings: Celebrating Our Interim Ministry Together

Flower Ceremony

Join us for the annual Unitarian Universalist Flower Ceremony. For just over 100 years, Unitarians, and then Unitarian Universalists, have been celebrating the Flower Ceremony each spring. This ceremony, first conducted by the Rev. Norbert Čapek in Prague in 1923, aims to acknowledge beauty and bring it into our lives. It is also a time … Continue reading Flower Ceremony

Question Box

What are the questions you’ve been wanting to ask Pastor Madelyn? Questions about scripture? Theology? Pastor Madelyn’s bumper stickers? This is the day you will have the chance to ask. If you’re joining online, you can send in your questions ahead of time to the office (office@uufsb.org). Make sure they’re in by Fri., May 24 … Continue reading Question Box