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Committee Membership

The Search Committee for a Settled Minister is comprised of the following members, elected by the congregation in June:

  • Cassandra Allison
  • Mayté Alzugaray
  • Claudia Jacobs Dunmire
  • Mike Hoffman
  • Jaymie Meliker
  • Elise Nichols Powell
  • Colleen Rudman.

Click here to read brief bios of all the members.

Congregational Participation

  • September:  We are asking for your input in our move towards a different future with a new minister by completing a congregational survey. The emphasis is on what you think the congregation needs. Please click here to take the survey online. If you require a print copy, please contact The deadline to submit your survey is Sept. 30.
    A summary and results of the survey will be shared in October.
  • October-November: We will hold cottage meetings and focus groups to gain additional input from the congregation.  Please stay tuned for more information.

Other Current Committee Work

We have submitted our application for a Beyond Categorical Thinking / Breaking Barriers, Building Beliefs  (BCT/B4) program. We will be assigned one or the other. The program is facilitated by trainer(s) from the UUA. Issues around race/ethnicity, gender/gender identity, visible and invisible disabilities and health concerns, and sexual orientation are addressed in the workshop, which will be held in mid-fall.


NOTE: If you are curious about any of the details of the search process, you can check out the 119-page Settlement Handbook on the UUA website.