Congregational Participation

  • Cottage Meetings: We successfully held five cottage meetings and five focus groups, which were attended by a total of 77 congregants (each led by two of the seven Search Committee members). We are grateful for all the wonderful and honest input that you provided. We have compiled all the feedback from the 10 meetings and prepared a summary of the responses. CLICK HERE TO READ THE SUMMARY. This summary is also part of the Documents Package that prospective ministers will see.
  • B4 Program: The Breaking Barriers, Building Beliefs  (B4) program was held on Zoom on Sat., Nov. 4. The program was facilitated by a trainer from the UUA. Issues around race/ethnicity, gender/gender identity, visible and invisible disabilities and health concerns, and sexual orientation were addressed in the workshop. Thanks to all who attended this important program.
  • Congregational Survey: Thanks to the more than 100 people who completed a survey. We appreciate your time and concern regarding our future with a new minister and what you think the congregation needs.
    CLICK HERE to read an Executive Summary of the survey results
    CLICK HERE to read some highlights from the congregational survey responses.


NOTE: If you are curious about any of the details of the search process, you can check out the 119-page Settlement Handbook on the UUA website.

Committee Membership

The Search Committee for a Settled Minister is comprised of the following members, elected by the congregation in June 2023:

  • Cassandra Allison
  • Mayté Alzugaray
  • Claudia Jacobs Dunmire
  • Mike Hoffman
  • Jaymie Meliker
  • Elise Nichols Powell
  • Colleen Rudman.

Click here to read brief bios of all the members.