Music is an essential part of our services at UUFSB and we welcome participation. There are many styles of worshipful music presented, and a place for everyone who has heart full of song.

Unicorn Singers Choir

For senior high students through adults. Everyone invited — experienced choristers or those who have never sung in a choir before. Rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings from 8:00 – 9:00 pm (sharp!!). Choir sings at Sunday services about once a month, depending on worship service plans.

For more information contact Dan Weymouth at

UUFSB Folk Group

Calling all you folk music-loving singers and instrumentalists!  We perform at Sunday services and rehearse at convenient times starting about three weeks before scheduled performances.  We’ve played songs by everyone from George Harrison and Bob Dylan to Butch Walker and Anna Nalick.  If you sign up to be in the folk group, you’ll be notified of upcoming folk group services and you can choose which ones fit into your schedule.  No long-term commitments required!

For further information contact Mike Hoffman at


Members take turns accompanying Congregation hymn singing at Sunday morning services. If you can help increase our rotating crew of Sunday Service pianists, please join us for scheduling at the next Music Committee Meeting.  Or, if you don’t want to wait, email Joan Kiely at

Solo and Small Group Performers

Calling all Instrumentalists and Vocalists Our congregation is lucky and blessed to have so many talented and generous musicians, both amateur and professional, that almost all the music for our worship provided by our own members, gratis. In addition to hymns, our services usually include a prelude, offertory and postlude and occasionally include other musical offerings. Volunteer opportunities also abound in many other aspects of Fellowship life, for every musical style, level of ability and all ages. Join the Music Committee to be sure to find out about upcoming events and to sign up to perform at services.

Email Joan Kiely at

UUFSB also has two live music venues open to the public, Grounds & Sounds Cafe, and Le Petit Salon de Musique.