Pledging FAQ

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a promise to donate a certain amount of money during the upcoming fiscal year (July 2024-June 2025). You are not asked to pay that money now. You can make payments towards your pledge throughout the year. Some people make monthly payments, while some make a single payment, but how you pay is up to you. We recognize that situations can change. You can always contact the office during the year if you need to revise your pledge.

When do I pledge?

Anyone may pledge at any time, as a member or friend. A first pledge is often made at the time of signing the Membership Book. In order to have enough time to properly prepare the budget for the annual Congregational Meeting, which is held on the first Sunday in June, the Board and the Finance Committee would like you to make your annual pledge by the beginning of April.

How do I pledge?

There are several ways to make a pledge:

  1. Fill out the online pledge form at
  2. Send an email to
  3. Call the office on a weekday 631-751-0297.
  4. Request that a Pledge Form be mailed to you.

You can make your pledge online here.

How does a pledge differ from a pledge payment or donation?

A Pledge is a promise of financial support for the upcoming year. A Pledge Payment is the actual payment that fulfills the pledge. A Donation is typically an unpledged and one-time gift.

Why should I pledge? Can’t I just put money in the offering plate?

Your pledge helps us plan the budget for next year. Our pledge is our promise to each other of financial stewardship. The amount pledged is an important factor in determining the annual budget. Putting money in the offertory plate is a special kind of generosity and is normally shared with a social justice partner. Those funds help us, too, and are gratefully received.

If you wish to have money you put in the offering plate count towards your pledge, it needs to be in an envelope that has your name and the words “Pledge 2024-25” written on it so it can be properly recorded as a pledge payment. Your check needs to have the words “Pledge 2024-25” on the memo line.

May I volunteer instead of pledging?

Both our volunteer gifts and financial gifts are important to help the Fellowship thrive. We depend upon both.

What if I need to change my pledge?

It is understood that financial situations change. If you need to revise your financial commitment, please contact either the UUFSB Treasurer Rich Hall, Congregational Administrator Susan Catanzaro, or Pastor Madelyn Campbell at 631-751-0297. Whether you’re adjusting your pledge up or down, know that we will be grateful for the information, which helps us manage the budget. Whatever you pledge, know that it is gratefully received!

You can make your pledge online here.

How much should I pledge?

Your pledge is a personal decision. It is informed by your financial means, your connection to the mission and work of the Fellowship, and the needs of the congregation. UUA Fair Share Guidelines suggest that a new member pledge 2% of adjusted gross income and increase it over time to 5%.

giving chart

How is our pledge income used?

We use our financial resources to provide spiritual development, promote UU values in the wider community, be good employers, care for our facilities, and help our congregation live the principles of our liberal religious faith. Most of our funding comes from our pledges.

Each of us has a different way of thinking about money and our mission, and it is important that our pledges feel meaningful, and just right. If you’d like to talk to someone about the vision you want for the Fellowship, the budget, or your pledge, we welcome that. Please contact our Congregational Administrator, Susan Catanzaro at Susan can direct your request to the Board of Trustees, the Minister, or the Finance Committee as appropriate.

You can make your pledge online here.