Sharing circles are groups of 6-10 people who meet regularly, usually monthly. At present, the groups are convening on Zoom. They are meant to be places where people can get to know one another by sharing their personal experiences. They are places where people listen carefully, with respect and acceptance.

Each month all of the groups address the same topic. Some of the topics from this year were: Adventure and Travel, Our Purpose and What Gives us Meaning, On Being UU, Truth and Trust, Mental Health and Resilience.

Each group follows a similar format. They begin with opening words and chalice lighting, followed by a personal check-in and then a focus on the topic of the session guided by questions for reflection. The groups end with closing words and extinguishing the chalice.

Members of a group are asked to make a commitment to regular attendance rather than dropping in and out. If you decide the group is not for you, we would ask you not to leave before attending several sessions, so that you may get a true feel for what these sharing circles are like.

You are invited to join a Sharing Circle. Be on the lookout for news of a sample sharing circle after a Sunday service. This will give you the opportunity to see what it is like before joining.

For more information, or to join a group, please contact Ellen Bartley at or call the office at 631-751-0297. We have a chair just waiting for you!