Social Action Committee is one of the four committees that comprise our Social Justice Alliance. The other committees are:

  • Earthkeepers
  • Interweave
  • Racial Concerns

Our Mission Statement

Grounded in our Unitarian-Universalist Principles, the Social Action Committee of the UUFSB supports and encourages our congregation to act for positive change at local, national, and global levels through service, education, witness and advocacy.

Our faith requires that we act to heal our world by:

  • advocating non-violence and peace over war
  • sustaining and respecting the Earth
  • eliminating racism
  • working for universal human rights
  • promoting economic and social justice
  • reaching out to others in times of crisis
  • How can I get involved?

There’s plenty to do:

  • Become a Friend of Hobbs Farm and help with Farming for Food Kitchens or other chores like weeding the Children’s Garden.
  • Be our representative with the Long Island Jobs with Justice group.
  • Bring toiletries and nonperishable food items with you to Sunday services and drop them in the Food Pantry Basket in our lobby. You can deliver our Food Pantry items or help out at the local community dinner.
  • Support our youth when they conduct drives for Midnight Runs for the homeless.
  • Help us work with other religious organizations to design programs that respond to hate and bring all people together on Long Island.
  • Help plan our involvement in a microloan program for the developing world.
  • Help plan educational programs on environmental topics like Ethical Eating, Climate Change, Fair Trade, Animal Ethics.
  • You can also help us fill in the details in the broad action areas we’ve laid out below.

Members of the Committee

Membership in the Social Action Committee is fluid. Members come and go based on changing interests and schedules. All members of the congregation are welcome to attend Social Action meetings and participate in Social Action activities.

Call the Office at 631-751-0297 to learn more.

Overview of Social Action Focus Areas

We have defined three major focus areas: environment, social equality, and peace.  As we focus on working for positive change in these areas, we will also continue to support those in our community who need direct help to meet the challenges of today.

Environment: Fellowship members have been part of an environmental success story right here in our community. Historic Hobbs Farm, property of the Setauket Bethel AME Church, is being restored as a community farm and education center. Produce raised at Hobbs Farm is donated to local food pantries. Eating locally grown produce is an important aspect of ethical eating, another environmental focus issue. The UUA Ethical Eating initiative asks us to be mindful of the environmental and humanitarian consequences of the eating choices we make.

Click here to see our UUFSB Green Sanctuary Projects.

Social Equality: For many years, UUFSB members have partnered with others on Long Island to work for social justice. The November 2008 slaying of an immigrant in Patchogue reinforced our desire to focus on the broader issue of immigrant rights on Long Island. We are particularly interested in finding ways to respond to anti-immigrant hostility. We also plan to expand our support of Fair Trade programs and consider the issues behind the extreme poverty and lack of economic opportunity that plagues so much of the developing world.

Peace: Our sixth principle calls us to strive for world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all. We are focusing on building support for campaigns to ban the use of landmines and cluster bombs and for the National Religious Coalition Against Torture.