The Helping Hands team works alongside the Pastoral Associates and the minister to provide practical assistance to congregants during times of need.

The kinds of things we do:

  • Arrange for transportation to medical appointments or to Sunday services
  • Run an important errand to ease the burder during hardships
  • Assist with finding additional resources for services and supports within the community
  • Deliver a meal or two during times of illness, recovery or loss

We can be of help to you during times of:

  • Sudden or prolonged illness
  • Change in health
  • Transition to a new career
  • Challenging parenting issues
  • Birth or adoption of a baby
  • Loss of a loved one, a job, or an important life role
  • Divorce, or separation from life partner
  • Social isolation homebound due to illness or disability
  • Taking on the role of care giver for an aged parent

Our Helping Hands Leaders:

  • Linda Mikell
  • Joan Kiely

If you have needs, please contact: