Info Session Re: JSUS Proposed Proclamation

Click here to join the Info Session via YouTube livestream on Mar. 10 at 12:15 p.m.


The “Just Stop Unjust Stops Campaign” (JSUS) is an effort to improve traffic safety on Long Island and transform Suffolk County’s harmful and unsuccessful traffic enforcement strategy. The current strategy victimizes Black and Brown drivers and fails to keep our roads safe. The BOT adopted the following resolution proposed by the Racial Concerns Committee (RCC) and invited RCC to present it to the congregation for approval at the June Congregational Meeting:

Proposed Proclamation by the UUFSB Board of Trustees for Acceptance by the Fellowship

Whereas the Racial Concerns Committee of the UUFSB is a signatory at the core leadership level to the Just Stop Unjust Stops campaign of Suffolk County to abolish racially discriminatory non-safety-related traffic stops by the Suffolk County Police Department and shift resources toward improving traffic safety; 

Whereas the Eighth Principal calls upon us as a congregation to be accountable for our values, through action, for the benefit of the wider community of which we are a part;

And whereas our congregation supports the values underlying the Just Stop Unjust Stops campaign;

Therefore the Board of Trustees of the UUFSB hereby recommends that the Fellowship as a whole vote to be recognized as a partner of the Just Stop Unjust Stops campaign to end discriminatory non-safety-related traffic stops and improve traffic safety in Suffolk County.

So that the congregation has the information needed to vote on the proclamation, RCC will present an educational forum on Sun.Mar. 10 from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. in the sanctuary. Enjoy coffee, tea, cookies and wraps while you find out about this important campaign. RCC members and others who are part of the core leadership team of the campaign will be on hand to explain the effort and to answer all questions.