Art Reception for Julie Doczi

There will be an art reception for Julie Doczi on Dec. 10, 2023 at 12:30 p.m. in our UU sanctuary following coffee hour. All the paintings on display in our sanctuary are pastel paintings made by our own Julie Doczi.

Please join us as Julie shares how her pastel paintings differ from the mediums of watercolor, oil, and acryllic. Learn about her personal journey into the world of artistic expression. What are pastels made of? How does one actually paint with pastels? Are pastels chalk or crayons? Is it messy to work with pastels?  Is it hard to do?  Come hear Julie share her answers to these and any other questions you may be inspired to ask.  Perhaps someone on your gift list would enjoy an original pastel painting. Julie’s artwork is for purchase with 25% of all proceeds being donated to our Fellowship.