Board Update – July 2023

On Sat., June 17, 2023, the Board met for our Annual Retreat to connect, elect our new officers and develop our goals for the coming year.

We elected new officers:

President: Denise Stevenson
Vice President: John Lutterbie
Secretary: Charlie Posey
Treasurer: Rich Hall

We welcomed Joan Rubinstein as our newest trustee, who brings a wealth of experience and dedication to our congregation, and our returning trustees, Lorraine Stidd, and Dave Tarbell. We were joined by Pastor Madelyn and Marian Russo of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Great South Bay (UUCGSB). Marian gladly accepted the invitation by the Board to become an honorary ex-officio member to support UUCGSB as we continue the process of merging our congregations.

This year, the Board will focus on four goals:

  • Governance Review
  • The 8th Principle and Social Justice
  • Creating a Covenant of Process as we continue to work towards a merger with UUCGSB
  • Financial Sustainability of the Congregation

It was a fun and productive retreat for all of us. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the positive impact that we will create together.

A special welcome goes out to our newest youth member, Rose Meliker-Hammock, who will be joining us at our first board meeting in July.

Denise Stevenson