Community: Centering, Celebration, and Service – A Hymn Worship

Hymns can help us center, can call us back to ourselves. Hymns can help us celebrate, can reconnect us to joy. Hymns can stir us to action, reminding us of our obligation to the interconnected web. Above all, hymn singing is a communal activity, through which we discover that (re-)finding our center, celebrating being alive, or heeding a call to action is richer and more rewarding when undertaken together. [Be ready to SING!]

To join the service via livestream on YouTube at 10:30 a.m., please click here.

To view the Order of Service, please click here. (The latest OOS is uploaded by Saturday; you may need to refresh your screen to view it.)

For additional service information, including link to Sunday Announcements, please click here.