August 19, 2018, “The Heart of Unitarian Universalism” - Rev. Margie Allen

One of you asked me this good question: “What’s at the heart of our beliefs? How does that inform us in our lives and how we dedicate ourselves?” I’ll try to find the center of the wheel of our faith, get us rolling.

August 26, 2018, “The Place Where Compassion and Justice Meet” - Rev. Margie Allen

One of you remembered the Cornell West quote “Justice is what love looks like in public” and asked about the link between justice and compassion. Let’s think about that.

September 2, 2018, “Just Rewards - One UU’s Reflections on the World of Work” - John Morris, Worship Leader

Society’s view of the worker and of work itself is constantly changing. Public debate about the labor marketplace has evolved with societal changes, but this debate has always been inextricably connected with basic concepts of fairness and respect for the worth of the individual (concepts embodied in our 1st and 2nd UU principles). This service will explore the evolution of society’s view of work and the role of conscience and religion in society’s decisions about the treatment of workers.

September 9, 2018, Our 2018 Homecoming Service —Fire Communion and Barbecue Picnic - Rev. Margie Allen

We gather in the yard out back with some great ingathering music and our 8th annual Homecoming photo as we summon the spirit of our new year together. This year we circle back to the element of FIRE, celebrate a fire communion, and unveil our new Nicolls Rd. rainbow banner of human worth and dignity. If you like, wear fire colors, bring a cardboard sign with a message of your own in support of one of the statements on the new banner, a picnic side dish or dessert, and a blanket or chairs. See the August newsletter for more info.

rra Nullius: On Being Erased