July 19, 2020 - Summer Series #3: “Veganism as a Spiritual Practice” - Michelle Massimo and Maria Kata, Worship Leaders

As a Green Sanctuary, UUFSB affirms and promotes the Seventh UU Principle: "respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part." We do this by considering the theological, spiritual, and ethical aspects of human activities that affect the health and sustainability of the living earth, including our food choices. UUFSB Members Michelle Massimo and Maria Kata will share their thoughts and experiences of veganism as a spiritual practice that supports our 6th and 7th Principles. Maureen Shaimain will serve as Worship Associate, and Daniella Kata, Ariana Kata, and Michelle Massimo will share the gift of music.

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NOTE: Children's Worship Circle will resume in September.

Small Group Chats After Service

If you would like to talk in a small group after the service ends, please leave the service meeting a few minutes after service ends. Then click on this link to join a new meeting in which you will be broken out into small groups: https://zoom.us/j/92961051115?pwd=czNiekpoYWg4LzR0cXA0V2JwNnIwUT09.

July 26, 2020 - Summer Series #4: “How Yoga Helped to Save My Life” - Janet Kagel, Worship Leader

Yoga is a practice that serves as a map to help us stay in the present moment, so we can be happier and more healthy. Janet Kagel will talk about her experience practicing yoga for over three decades. In some ways, it has helped save her life. Laura Lesch is the Worship Associate.