July 23 - “There's No Place Like Home...Past, Present and Future" – Worship Leader: Wendy Engelhardt

HOME - perspective. Is it as simple as an address? Or is it more like a memory brought on by your mother’s favorite song suddenly playing on the oldies radio station? Can it be a person, or group, that shares meals, interests and ideas? Is it all based on DNA? Which is more precious, your first or your final destination? Let's explore together...

July 30 - “Home" - Worship Leader: John Williams

John will talk about the long process of making Long Island (where he found a distinctively different culture) his home after coming here in 1968.

August 6 - “1992" - Worship Leader: Chris D'Orso

Chris hops in the wayback machine to make the case that the early 1990s were truly the best of times.

August 13 - “What happens when home is no longer safe?" - Worship Leader: Colleen Merlo

In today's service Colleen Merlo, Executive Director of LI Against Domestic Violence, will address the warning signs of domestic abuse and offer suggestions to family and friends about how to help.