October 21, 2018, “UUs in the Big Picture of American Faith: Where are We Now?” - Rev. Margie Allen and the Committee on Ministries of the Congregation

As part of our study of the vigor of our Fellowship’s lay leadership cadre, Margie and the Committee on Ministries of the Congregation (COMC) invite you to enter the bigger picture by contributing what you think and do. We’ll tell you what we know already about the trends that are transforming congregations of every sort.

October 28, 2018, “The Populist Revolution” - Frank Myers, Worship Leader

Populism is a word so overused that some have argued that it be dropped entirely. Nevertheless, it has meaning as a political style that is taking hold in Europe as well as America and is one of the major developments of our time.  What is this style, and how does it work? And, most important of all, what are its potential effects?

November 4, 2018, “Are Unitarian Universalists Once-Born or Twice?” - Chris Filstrup, Worship Leader

Based on the writings of William James, I will explore to what degree our individual journeys to this religious home have been easily achieved and to what degree we have experienced something more difficult like conversion. To what degree do we bring to the Fellowship our past lives? To what degree do we abandon our pasts? Music features songs by Susan Werner and Leonard Cohen.

rra Nullius: On Being Erased