February 24, 2019, "All I Really Need to Know, I Learned...in RE"- Deborah Little, Worship Leader

Deb Little will share with us some things she is learning as the new DRE. How one of the best things is when a 4-year-old runs up and hugs you or a teacher brings in their own really cool idea for a book or a craft, or parents come in to help in the classroom, or you put out an ask on the FB page for DRE’s and get 6 book suggestions in 6 minutes, or a member just walks in and hands you two really great books for kids...and other things.

March 3, 2019, “Cultivating Empathy” - Rev. Ned Wright

The Rev. Ned Wight, Interim Senior Minister at the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, draws on the work of UU ministerial colleague Nathan Walker for this service. Rev. Walker has written a provocative book entitled Cultivating Empathy: The Worth and Dignity of Every Person—Without Exception. Drawing from his years as a parish minister in Staten Island and Philadelphia, Walker challenges us all to resist “otherizing” people by either demonizing or romanticizing them. He challenges us to use our moral imagination as an everyday spiritual practice to increase our capacity to approach others with empathy—and to find our relationships transformed in the process.

March 10, 2019, “The Harder Battle” - Rev. Kate Lehman

In the past few years, I’ve found some of my beliefs shifting in ways I would not have thought possible. First, I’ve concluded that life is harder than I had thought….and it’s going to get even harder for many people, including some who would not have thought so in the past. In addition, each of us as individuals is more flawed than we might like to think. However, despite how difficult life is, despite how limited we as individuals are, people of faith are still obligated to find and use the tools available to work for a better world. Some of the tools will be different; some of the tools will look familiar, but come with greatly edited operating instructions; and help is available if only we will accept it.