July 2 - “In Our Own Skin” (Summer Service series #2) – Rev. Margie Allen

Margie talks about the bodies we wear, operate, use and abuse, challenge and leave as “home."

July 9 - “The Beginnings of Our Home in This Fellowship” (Summer Service series #3) – Worship Leader: Joan Feyk, one of our Fellowship founders

A first-hand review of the joys and struggles to establish our UUFSB home.

July 16 - “Barn Rising" – Worship Leaders: Dixie Comeau and Greg Galluccio

Dixie Comeau and Greg Galluccio return to UUFSB to lead today's service. They are building an elegant, green, welcoming, open, musical, highly efficient, caffeinated home on a ridge surrounded by trees. They call it the Barn, and hope it feels a little familiar to visitors.