May 21 - “The Heart” - Rev. Margie Allen

I have had the privilege of studying and practicing the care of the human heart in two very different, yet intimately related, professional capacities: as an open heart intensive care nurse and as a minister. Some thoughts on how hearts keep us alive.

May 28 - "Like it or Not, the Gig Economy is Growing" - Gil Hanson and Humanist Discussion Group

Companies are increasingly cutting costs by increasing efficiency and reducing workforce. As a result, many now-unemployable, mid-career workers are joining the growing Gig economy. The Gig economy includes free-lancers, self-employed, contract help, temporary help, etc. Presently, 32 million Americans rely on the Gig economy as their primary source of income. 22 million of these Americans choose to be in the Gig economy. Many of the 10 million who prefer not to be in the Gig economy lack the marketable skills or marketing know-how needed to generate an income that meets a minimum standard of living. They need help.