May 27, 2018 - “The Bully and the Buddha in Each of Us ” – Rev. Kate Lehman

We live in difficult times. People are more divided than ever, and there is evidence that foreign powers strive to further separate people with different points of view. At times it may seem tempting to give in to despair. At this service we will explore how we might make more real our shared UU vision that we are part of an interdependent web of all existence.

June 3, 2018 - “The Death of Sunday School” – Rev. Margie Allen

As we prepare to forge ahead with building our religious education program for children and youth, a look at the history and trajectory of “Sunday School” in ours and other faith traditions. A functional life-time moral compass is trickier to install than it used to be.

June 10, 2018 - “Growing Up UU” – Rev. Margie Allen with Religious Education Leaders

We celebrate the achievements of our children and youth, as they advance along their UU learning curve, and your commitment—as donors, teachers, and mentors—to helping launch young UUs into a world that needs their leadership.

June 17, 2018 - “Flowers and Passages” – Rev. Margie Allen

At the last service of the year before the Summer Service Series kicks off, we take time to mark the milestones we have reached as individuals and as a congregation. Bring a flower or two to the service for our Flower Communion.

rra Nullius: On Being Erased