July 22, 2018, Summer series #5, "Trans and Cis: Across and Within Gender” - Jay Culkin, Worship Leader

The world is rarely made up of binaries. Transgender people tend to see gender differently from their cisgender counterparts (people who see their gender as conforming to societal definitions). Instead of closing it off, we would like to open up gender and invite our cis friends into a larger space by telling a story of transness.

July 29, 2018, Summer series #6, "Let Go, Let Love” - Venessa Diaz, Worship Leader

As the mother of two children with Down Syndrome, Venessa will talk about the impact on the family and the struggle for inclusion, acceptance and resources.

August 5, 2018, Summer series #7, “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Do It Like Your Mother Told You!” - Wendy and Phoebe Engelhardt, Worship Leaders

Tell us a story of a mother and daughter who get along 100% of the time and we’ll know you’re telling a fairy tale. Generation after generation, the subjects may change, but the conflicts are still there. You know it, your mom knew it, and trust us, your grandmother knew it, and so on, and so on. Please join us for our service where daughter, Phoebe Engelhardt; mom, Wendy Engelhardt; and grandmother, Sandy Romanofsky-Lollis, invite you to experience their connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting over and over again across differences.

August 12, 2018, Summer series #8, “Music Therapy: A Bridge Between Worlds” - Lee Morris, Worship Leader

Music therapist Lee Morris will explain how music can make important connections that improve functioning for two populations that she works with. 1) For young people with autism, who think in ways that can be very different from the neurotypical (us), music can function as a bridge between worlds, allowing for genuine interaction and sharing. 2) For people who have had brain injury/stroke, music can promote neuroplasticity - that is, new neural connections in the brain, that can help the patient regain skills.

rra Nullius: On Being Erased