Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stony Brook

Religious Education Program Registration

(for 5th grade and younger)

The confidentiality of this information will be respected, but it will be shared, as necessary, with the RE Committee and individual teaching team. Any truly confidential matters should be discussed directly with the DRE or minister.

I state and agree that:

  • I am a parent or legal guardian of the child(ren) named on this form,
  • I have fully disclosed to UUFSB all pertinent facts and acknowledge full responsibility for any omission or misstatement regarding such matters,
  • I will update UUFSB in writing if anything stated herein changes,
  • this registration shall remain in effect from year to year unless I rescind it in writing,
  • and at least one parent or designated adult must be on the UUFSB premises when my child(ren) is/are on the premises.

Thank you for enrolling your child in our Religious Education program.  There is no fee for this program -- only your annual contribution funds our program.  Thank you for your responsible support.

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