Dear Ones,

I do a lot of different kinds of stuff in my role as your minister. Planning, coordinating, and leading services three a month or so is just one of them. I join you in your meetings (Board, Worship team, Pastoral team, Membership, Shawl Ministry, 2 kinds of Staff meetings, and special task groups—two at the moment, to name a few). I am Secretary of the Shalom Interfaith Project, a member of 3-Village Interfaith Clergy Association and the UU Ministers Association Metro NY Chapter and LI Cluster, co-convener of the Long Island Ministerial Leave Program, a member of the UU Trauma Response Ministry, and I’m also involved in planning adult programming for our LI UU Area Council (LIAC). Looks like I might be joining the Board of AMOS, a coalition of community leaders allied with LI Jobs with Justice. And I have just joined a collegial group that meets at Community Church in NYC monthly to think through the challenges of ministry together. Of course, there are also the numerous phone/text calls and emails that go with supporting you in keeping UUFSB afloat and functioning! It’s a lot. But I also invest a lot of time in keeping YOU afloat and functioning, though I’m never sure I am giving or doing enough! Help me out by reaching out to me when:

—Or maybe you’d just like to come sit with me and see what may open to us out of the silence. “Come, come, whoever you are. Ours is no caravan of despair. Come yet again, come.” I want to help. The Pastoral Assistants are here for you as well (Linda Kirk, Linda Volkersz, Linda Mikell, Karen Foernsler, June Cerveny, Sylvia Kirk, John Seppala, and Marie Baltz)—you will find in us all ready ears, big hearts and confidential care.

“I see you. I need you. I am you.” Richard Blanco We need one another.