Dear Ones,

I will be away on vacation (July 1 - 14) and study leave (July 15 - August 11), returning to the office on Monday, August 12 and to our pulpit on August 18 and 25. Thanks for giving me this time to read, think, study and prepare for a new congregational year together! While I’m away, the Pastoral Assistants (PAs), Office personnel, and members of the Board of Trustees will be your go-to folks in case of an emergency (shocking news, sudden loss, medical emergency). The person you contact will listen to what is going on for you and together you can decide what the next best step might be. Our very experienced Pastoral Assistants team can handle most situations and can rally others in the congregation if many hands would help. If it’s determined that a minister's counsel or presence is needed, the person you contact will get in touch with the UU minister on call for that summer week if I’m on vacation. The PAs or on-call minister will contact me for consultation or to request I return to Stony Brook during study leave if needed. But maybe there is no emergency. Maybe you just need someone to be present to what is going on for you, to help you think something through, or locate some resources or information. Even if all you need is a little company, give the PAs a call.

Here’s my summer schedule of showing up and going away and some other features of our 2019-20 congregational year:

2019 Vacation + Leave schedule

July 1 - July 14: vacation weeks 1 and 2
July 15 - July 28: study leave week 1 and 2 (Happy 63 to me on July 25th!)
Jul. 29 - Aug 11: study leave weeks 3 and 4
Aug. 12: first day back in office
Aug. 18 and 25: first Sundays in pulpit
Sept. 1: Labor Day Sunday
Sept. 8: Homecoming Service - Air Communion
Oct. 21 - Nov. 4: vacation weeks 3 and 4

Sabbatical Leg II is March 1 - May 31, 2020

Our Homecoming Service this fall is Sunday, September 8. We’ll be celebrating the element Air. Air is the element that carries our voices and our stories out to each other and the world. For our congregational picture that morning, I invite you to wear clothing of any color that delivers a message that is dear to your heart (but not naming/depicting politicians or political parties)! This is our kick-off service for the new congregational year, a lively, musical, energetic and fun service. You really don’t want to miss it! Please plan to stay for our potluck barbecue picnic after the service! .