Dear Ones,

Here’s a little bit of happy news in this brand New Year. The UUFSB Board entered a trial contract to rent space to Summerland Church of Light (SCOL), a 30+ member religious community chartered in 2004 by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC). They will be holding services and related activities in the double Green Room 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every Saturday, starting Jan. 6th. In addition, they will gather for a class in the Blue Room on Thursdays from 7:30-10:00 p.m. Our Board and theirs have reached satisfactory agreements for storage in the room, keys, chairs, RE entrance signage while in occupancy, and flexibility for the limited occasions when we might need to reassign spaces. They do not want a roadside sign and will not object to any public statement of our values that we may make. This arrangement will boost our income by ~$10K/year. 

The SCOL Board president, Frank Kotowski, describes Spiritualist core beliefs and values in this way: “We believe in a non-anthropomorphic higher power which we call 'Infinite Spirit’ or 'Infinite Intelligence’ or ‘Source’; in self-determination and personal responsibility; in Natural Laws (of which the supreme law is Love); and that action taken against Natural Laws will result in negative consequences.” Spiritualism is a non-Christian-based faith that views figures like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and others as Master Teachers and eschews dogmatism and proselytizing. Frank tells us that their overarching goal is “to create a community of spiritually minded individuals who support each other in an atmosphere of love, sharing, and mutual respect for all human beings, living creatures, and Mother Earth.” The 9 principles of Spiritualism include the primacy of the Golden Rule as a moral guide and affirmation of limitless opportunities for the reformation of the human soul before and after death. Spiritualism evolved as a faith of high moral standards and progressive thinking. Many Spiritualists were involved in the abolition of slavery and in the struggle for women’s rights. Spiritualists advocate today for individual rights regardless of race, gender, orientation, or abilities. The foundational belief of Spiritualism is that life continues beyond physical existence and that death is not an end. Where some UUs would say that science has nothing to say about the continuity of life across death, Spiritualists believe that communication across that threshold is proven in their practice.

Our congregations are highly compatible in regard to values and, in fact, both Unitarians and Universalists in the latter half of the 19th century were involved in the evolution of Spiritualism ( for UU connection; for more about Spiritualism). We come together in mutual support under the roof of a Fellowship that honors theological differences. The SCOL Board invites UUFSB members to join them for their first worship service on Jan. 6 at 10:30 a.m. This first special service includes:  Presider’s Greeting; First Hymn; Invocation; Short "Hello"; Declaration of Principles; Healing Hymn, Prayer and Reading of Names; Guided Meditation and Hands-on Healing; Second Hymn; Spiritual Address; Announcements and Blessing; Third Hymn; Clairvoyance/Message Work; Benediction; Fourth Hymn. The service is followed by refreshments and fellowship. Please help our new tenants know they are welcome!