Dear Ones,

Day to day life for you, for me, for all of us, can be challenging enough. I wonder if the additional challenges to our lives issuing from public spaces are raising as much concern and anxiety for you as they are for me? The presidential election process is breathtakingly worrisome. Mass shootings continue to shock us in the headlines. People of color and their white allies in Charlotte and elsewhere are rising up to protest more deaths of black men which appear to involve irregularities in police behavior. Here, a coalition of groups, including several dozen of us here at UUFSB, is planning a march and rally in Stony Brook on Saturday, November 12th in support of the inherent worth and dignity of black lives. Board-sponsored all-congregation Town Meetings have been scheduled for October 23 after the service for the “Social Justice in Congregations” discussion and on November 6 after the service for the “Next Steps with BLM” conversation. I know this summer’s BLM events and their consequences continue to trouble many of you.

If you find yourself in a swirl of worry, angst, confusion in any degree, about any matter, please think of me as a ready source of support. I consider it an honor to be invited to sit down with you and the whatever-it-is that is causing you misery. Perhaps:

  • You need a sympathetic ear for problems with your job, children, marriage, relationship, or anything else; you are feeling confused, depressed, or isolated or have a joy to share.
  • You or someone you love is ill or facing surgery; perhaps you notice that someone you know in the congregation needs support.
  • Someone you love is near death or has died or and you need help with end-of-life planning or a service; you’re planning to marry, struggling in a relationship or contemplating divorce; you’re pregnant but wish you weren’t or are thrilled you are; you would like to have a child dedicated; you are undergoing a major transition in your life and would like to create a ritual to recognize the threshold you are crossing.
  • You or someone you know has questions about religion or Unitarian Universalism; you want to build your theology, deepen your spiritual life or are in spiritual crisis; you’d like to join the congregation or are already a member and are wondering how you can participate more fully in congregational life; you’d like to share your talents and gifts as part of one of our groups, committees, or classes, or serve as a volunteer in some other way.
  • You want to affirm something good going on in the congregation or would like to discuss a congregational issue that is troubling you; you have ideas about sermons or programs or have a project you would like to initiate; you’re mad at me or someone else and want to air your feelings and work it out…

Maybe you’d just like to come sit with me and see what may open to us out of the silence. “Come, come, whoever you are. Ours is no caravan of despair. Come yet again, come.” I want to help.