Dear Ones,

This time of year I start to turn my attention to creating the worship schedule for the congregational year to come. This is a great time to talk to me or send an email with any feedback you may have about the 2014-15 Sunday services and/or any ideas about topics you’d like to see addressed during the year to come: September 13, 2015 (our Homecoming service) through the third Sunday in June, 2016 (the service we call Flowers and Passages). Of course, we always love to hear how you have been moved and changed by a service, but the WAs and I also need your gentle, honest feedback about what gets in the way of your full participation in a service.

We aspire to create “Worship That Works,” which means a worship experience that moves people into, through and back out of a unique relationship to time, space and relationship—sacred space and time—during which we are willing to be deeply touched by what we see and hear and feel; transforms our sanctuary into a safe space in which to experience that kind of vulnerability; allows everyone to relax, relinquish control and quiet their inner critic, certain that the worship leaders (including musicians) can reliably hold them in this experience of corporate worship, that there is nothing they need to fix or worry about; elicits and moves the energy that is generated by the service elements and transitions in a smooth logical and responsible flow; incorporates a variety of content modalities (including verbal/oral, visual, aural, tactile, movement, etc.) and voices (minister, lay, congregational, etc.); delivers substantive and accessible intellectual content that is conducive to spiritual growth; features well-rehearsed and competently-performed music of a variety of styles, moods, and ethnic/racial sources, carefully selected to complement the service message and balanced in content and proportion with other service elements; balances ritual components (especially in opening and closing the service) with fresh and innovative arrangements and types of service elements; leaves most people inspired, energized and feeling positive, even if the service content has been challenging, controversial or emotional; actually changes those who experience the service in some way, great or small; inspires members of the congregation to engage more deeply and authentically in the evolution of the Fellowship’s ministry to the world and draws newcomers and non-members into that vision; speaks to everyone in the room across all kinds of human diversity, causing none to feel excluded, invisible, or inadequate for any reason; proceeds with adequate explanation to those who are visitors and unfamiliar with our worship, so that even those for whom our traditions are most foreign feel they are welcome and safe. Please let us know how we are doing!

By the way, I want to let you know that Sylvia Kirk, Gilda Candela, Lily Klima and John Casper have volunteered to manage the aesthetics in our sanctuary, to ensure that our largest gathering space is a beautiful, peaceful, richly communicative and evocative container for worship and other core activities of our community. I am very grateful for the commitment of time and energy each person in the group is making on our behalf. Their deep respect for what we do together in that room, their instincts as artists in their own right, and their collective wisdom about the principles of display are sure to serve us well in the months and years to come. Soon their team will have a name and a charge! Please let them know of your appreciation and if you would like to help them with future projects.

Enjoy this beautiful spring!