Dear Ones,

Here is the “interactive prayer” I wrote for our intergenerational Winter Solstice service on December 21st. It is based on Hymn # 402 in the grey hymnal, a good mantra to take into the New Year: From you I receive to you I give, together we share and from this we live. Sing it around your table in 2015. Start and end with the whole hymn. After that, sing the first phrase in bold, then say the words after the colon or new words you make up. Repeat with the second phrase. Have fun!

From you I receive: a box, brightly wrapped with something wonderful inside! To you I give: a little something I made myself just for you, just for you.

From you I receive: the smile I sent you just now, your face shining. To you I give: the little hug your eyes just told me you’d like to have.

From you I receive: hope, when I can’t find mine anywhere. Darn it, where did I put that hope? To you I give: hope, when I still have some in every pocket and you are all out.

From you I receive: a steadying hand, when I am off balance and might fall. To you I give: a steadying word, when you are confused or upset and your whole basket of feelings is about to tip over.

From you I receive: something really good to eat. Yum. My favorite! You are such a good cook! To you I give: more when you’d like more; and less when less is better. When is less better? Oh, come on, you know!

From you I receive: love, when I’ve forgotten how loveable I am—how could that happen?—but it does. To you I give: love, when lonely, sad, hurt You comes my way like a zombie, saying “Ugh, life stinks.”

From you I receive: the amazing story of your day, your life, your hopes and dreams. Come on, tell me more! To you I give: my best listening ears; just listening, and sometimes asking exactly the right question. Exactly. The. Right. Question.

From you I receive: space and time alone, right when I really need it. As much as I want. To you I give: dinner and a movie, a ride, a joke, a dance, a game of Sleeping Queens, the company you need right when you need it.

From you I receive: a really good idea; the solution; a great list; something I like in every color; one more, even though you think I’ve had enough; the thing I lost that you found; the word that’s been on the tip of my tongue too long; forgiveness. To you I give: the extra one I have of this thing you love and can’t find; the hand [extend hand palm out] when you are going on a bit too long (It happens.); congratulations and condolences; a card, a bouquet, a call, gratitude.

Wishing you all a very safe, fulfilling and happy New Year! With affection,