Dear Ones,

As I sit to plan a nice Thanksgiving dinner for my Linda, Matt, my niece Mary and some minister friends, I am thinking of you all hanging out in your own oven-warmed kitchens over the next month or so, surrounded by people you love, all of you breathing in deep the sweet smells of the season. May you take in all the sweetness of the season with all your senses. Take it all the way in, for remembering. May you find comfort in the beauty, sounds, tastes, smells and feel of the season: candlelight and poinsettias, carols and brass bands, pie spices and roast beast, wood smoke and pine wreaths, soft flannel and cool champagne flutes. May you be visited by benevolent spirits from the past and may graceful spirits of holidays to come entice you with images of dreams and hopes fulfilled.

Here is a recipe I have been using to feed you at morning workshops and meetings for the last year or so. It is a special and easy upside-down kind of coffee cake, comfort food for everyone at the start of the day.


May (y)our New Year be a sweet one!