Dear Ones,

It is a bold thing to ask a congregation, en masse, to do something together that takes up significant time, involves a physical challenge and, by definition, may seem to leave some people out. I would only ask this of a congregation I am certain is capable of such a bold move. I am asking you all, if you possibly can, to join EarthKeepers, your minister and other UUFSBers of all ages for a day trip into New York City on September 21, 2014, to stand with thousands of others in support of immediate global action on the issue of climate change. For those who cannot join us (for whatever reason) WE WILL OFFER A SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE at UUFSB at the regular time. This will be a meditative service designed to align the energy of the congregation with the spirit and aim of the March that would shortly begin. We hope to send some video feed from the city into the home service so that you can “be there” with us, at least for a moment.

I strongly believe that this People’s Climate March will mark a turning point in the response of the human species to the threat of global warming. This is how we use our 5th Principle to support our 7th Principle. We speak for the voiceless plurality, for the earth herself and for millions in developing countries who will suffer disproportionately from a disaster they had no hand in creating. We must show up to join with allies in making our convictions and priorities plain. We are already inside an environmental disaster. This is indisputably true. We have run out of denial, doubt, debate and dilly-dallying time. Our faith clearly calls us to demand justice—RIGHT NOW—for the Earth and for the generations that follow ours. We are called to demand it RIGHT NOW when the leaders who can make this happen are gathering RIGHT HERE at the United Nations and the whole world is tuned in to our voices.

We don’t know everything yet, but we do know most of us will travel by train on Sunday morning from the Ronkonkoma station and then by subway to join UUs from all over the country in a designated area of Central Park near the Columbus Circle entrance. The March starts at 11:30 at Columbus Circle -> east on 59th Street ->south on 6th Ave ->right on 42nd Street -> left on 11th Ave -> 34th Street -> ending on 11th Ave. in the streets between 34th Street and 38th Street. Some of us may have the stamina to stay in the city for the 6:00 p.m. Prayer Service at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine (1047 Amsterdam Ave).

Here are three ducks you must line up RIGHT NOW in order to to join in this all-congregation action:

  1. Register for the March with the Metro District UUs. Ignore the emails you receive from Meet-up, but keep an eye on this page. This is where new information will be posted by our District organizer, Peggy Clarke.

  2. ContactAlexis Grasso () or Deb Little () to add your name to the list of LIRR discount riders.

  3. SOSLWe are more visible as Unitarian Universalist participants if we wear Standing on the Side of Love T-shirts or sweatshirts and/or hats. Get yours here. I’d like people to wear this SOSL gear also for the 2014 Homecoming photo on September 7th. SO order right away!

Please join us! Love,