Dear Ones, 

The congregational year—Homecoming in September to Flowers and Passages in June—is coming to a close. I am away for a portion of July and August. Services continue through the summer, but that interval feels quite different and is wonderful in its own way. Services during that time are led by members of the congregation (often not the “usual suspects”) and special guest speakers, and they focus on a specific theme. As people come and go on their vacations and fine-weather explorations, attendance is lighter by as much as half. The activity in the Religious Education wing shifts to single group and outdoor activities. Worship services generally feel more casual and also more intimate as you support your friends who have stepped up to the challenge of creating a service for their community.
My Letter of Agreement with you specifies that I must not take all of my vacation time during the summer. It used to be that most UU congregations closed over the summer. Gradually, we have realized, as a denomination, that we have an obligation to each other and especially to those who are searching for this spiritual home to be active year-round. UUFSB is not alone in having developed a strong tradition of lay-led summer services during the last decade or two when church was year-round with the minister still absent for two months over the summer. These days more and more of my colleagues are spreading their four weeks of vacation time, as well as their four weeks of study leave, throughout the calendar year.

For the last couple of years I have been returning for a work week and Sunday service leadership in July. This practice has helped me to stay in touch and I hope helped you to feel I am not so “gone” gone. For the past two years, Linda and I have taken two travel weeks in the pre-tourist-season spring. Ministers who take all their time away in the summer are generally exhausted by late March. In my first year with you I was worried that I would not be able to get enough R & R if I didn’t have the whole six weeks I was permitted in a row during the summer. But I am finding that I really can let go of minister-me and get some deep and restorative rest in those two spring vacation weeks.

I am going to experiment a little with next year’s vacation/study leave pattern. I’ll come back from General Assembly to work among you during the final week of June and the first week of July. My last service will be shared with the Worship Associates as we introduce the summer theme of “Wayfaring” (the first in a series of seven summer services). I’ll take the rest of July and part of August as a combination of two weeks of vacation and 3 weeks of study leave. I’ll be back at work the week of August 11th and leading the final service in the summer series on August 17th. This all allows me to take the final week of study leave at the end of October, adding another strategic break into the congregational year. We’ll see how it works. Click here to see the document “Margie’s Summer Schedule and 2014-15 Fall Worship Calendar.”  If you have thoughts to share about my schedule, please be in touch!

See you around the place as we greet the coming summer together, MARGIE