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yogaJean Cipriano is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher who has been teaching Yoga for 14 years, iincluding six years here at the Fellowship. "Kripalu" means compassion. The basis of Yoga is compassionate listening to our bodies and to the energy/spirit that resides within in order to bring health, healing and ease. Yoga means union. The goal, during our practice is to bring union to body and soul through postures that are stable, steady, strengthening and healing. It may look entirely different from what you've practiced in other classes and definitely different than what you see on the cover of "Yoga" magazine. Our entire Yoga practice will be "meditation in motion." Welcome to a healing journey, bring your inner spirit and allow the energy of that spirit to guide you on your individual path.

JeanCiprianoPlease click here to view a short video in which Jean talks about Kripalu yoga and its benefits. Jean explains that this form of yoga teaches you to listen and be aware of your own body. What is it telling you? Movements are tailored to the individual's range of motion. It can be considered a spiritual practice, a meditative practice, and a defuser of stress in the body.

Video by Nick O'Brien

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