Welcome to the on-line discussion for the common read, The Death of Josseline: Immigration stories from the Arizona Borderlands by Margaret Regan.

The format we are using is adapted from the format used in small group ministry (SGM) meetings. For some of you, this format will be familiar; for those having a first experience with this format it may serve as an introduction to small group ministry. As part of the following discussion, you are asked to covenant with fellow participants on a few points. Usually the process of convenanting (agreements) requires the group coming to a consensus on the points. It’s not clear how to do this for an on-line discussion without consuming our time and energy that we think could be better used for the following discussion. Therefore, we the organizers (Mena Ostapchuk, Cindy Stewart and Rev. Margie) are asking you to abide by the following covenant points

  1. We agree to speak from our own experiences and perspectives.
  2. We agree to read, listen and respond respectfully to the experiences and perspectives of other people.
  3. We agree to use this time as an opportunity for ethical, religious and spiritual discernment, rather than as a time to debate politics or public policy.
  4. We agree to identify our comments with our names as part of honest sharing.

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The discussion format and questions are derived from the UUA discussion guide by Gail Forsyth-Vail, adult programs director for the UUA’s Ministries and Faith Development staff group. If you would like more information about the guide, go to www.UUA.org and search: common read (upper right hand corner of site). Then click on UUA: common read. The guide will be listed in the next window and can be opened from that site.