Saturday, November 23, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

holidaybellsThis annual event at the Fellowship is coming up earlier than usual this year, so let's all try to quickly get into the holiday spirit. You're probably thinking about how you can help out. Well here's how:

  1. Be a vendor if you wish to display your creative talents. The vendor application is available on the website here. Bake your favorite holiday desserts. As this year comes on the weekend before Thanksgiving, consider baking Thanksgiving pies and other similar Thanksgiving and fall goodies. Christmas treats are also needed.
  2. Do you like to make soup? We will be serving a light lunch of soup and salad. You will be given a basic soup recipe (to be decided) and we are asking that you bring your offering to the Fellowship (we're not cooking on-site this year).
  3. Do you like to make signs? I hope so. Sign makers are urgently needed.
  4. Are you in the mood for helping to mark off vendor spots in the Fellowship the afternoon before the fair? That would be Friday afternoon Nov. 22nd, beginning about 3:30. It takes a little time and measuring ability as about 22 vendor spots need to be precisely marked off. Think about it.
  5. Are you a musician who loves to perform, either solo or with others? Oh I bet there are a few of you out there. We provide live holiday music throughout the fair and would love to have as many of you participating as possible.
  6. Are you a person who enjoys selling? We sell our own baked goods, coffee and lunch, so people are needed to help out here.
  7. Other thoughts about how you would like to help? Cleaning up after perhaps? Please let me know asap at . Let's get into the holiday spirit and spread that spirit and generosity around.