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The UUFSB Committee on Ministries of the Congregation (COMC) is charged with performing periodic assessments of different aspects of our Fellowship. In the spring of 2012, the COMC sponsored three Conversation Cafes in order to explore three key aspects of congregational life. These three areas were selected based on input from the UUFSB Board, Minister, Director of Religious Education, and Threshold Team. The three areas considered were:


Welcoming: how we welcome and integrate newcomers into Fellowship life
Partnership: how we work with minister, staff and one another to fulfill our mission
Purpose: an exploration of our shared and personal sense of purpose

The Conversation Cafe format was chosen to allow members to explore important questions together in a comfortable, respectful environment. ( You can read about Conversation Cafe principles at ). Seventy people attended the three Cafes, shared valuable insights and opinions, and seemed to enjoy the process.   COMC facilitators guided the process and scribes took notes of the proceedings.


COMC members have compiled summaries of the Conversation Cafes which we are making available online. Summaries are available in a brief (approximately 1 page) form and in a long form. The long form does not include each individual comment but does try to incorporate all significant opinions and topics raised. If you attended one of the Cafes and think that any discussion topic has been missed, please contact a COMC member. In both short and long summaries, responses have been organized in order to help the reader more easily digest the wealth of information presented. Note that all Conversation Cafe input was anonymous.

Follow these links to the summary of interest:

Brief Summary Long Version
Partnership Brief Summary Long Version
Brief Summary Long Version

UUFSB's 2011-2012 COMC: Janet Kagel(chair), Laura Lesch, Pete Kata, Michael Hoffman, Michele Maggio, John Morris, Gretta Johnson-Sally(ex officio), Rev. Margie Allen(ex officio)