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Based on recommendations from our Pandemic Response Team, the Fellowship is open for worship services in our sanctuary at 10:30 a.m.  Services are also being live streamed over YouTube. Please click here for important information about COVID protocols.

Aug. 7, 2022 – "Thinking Fast and Slow: Decision-Making...It's Not What You Think!" – Colleen Rudman, Worship Leader

In Thinking Fast and Slow, Nobelist Daniel Kahneman offers his vision of flawed human reason, asserting that we quite often mis-assess situations and we do so following fairly predictable patterns. He includes an abundance of fascinating examples that really do call into question our assumptions about how we make decisions. How might these insights challenge us as UUs?

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    Aug. 14, 2022 - "A Grounded Life" - Sara Lutterbie, Worship Leader

    That Distant Land by Wendell Berry and The Shepherd's Life  by James Rebanks are books about different types of farming and farmers, but share a belief in the value of the old ways. They describe a love of land amounting almost to reverence, and a desire to live honestly and healthfully, not to make a lot of money at all costs. They reinforce for me, as a UU, the value of a strong community and the need to take care of the land. Also they remind me powerfully of home.

    Aug. 21, 2022 - "Warday" - Lew Yedwab, Worship Leader

    Published in 1984, Warday envisions a limited nuclear exchange in1988 and a postwar trip across the US undertaken by two middle-aged writers in 1993 to document "what it's like out there". Like our reality, the folk of the Warday world are too interdependent to safely weather their lack of human connection. Their near-apocalypse is born of systems that have drifted into a state of extreme brittleness, because no one is watching hard enough. Human kindness proves wonderfully resilient, but the roots of evil are still very much alive.

    In our world, some folks are watching hard enough, but are there enough of them and are they connected enough to head off disaster?

    Aug. 28, 2022 - "Arguments with Ourselves and Arguments with Others” - Lem Coley, Worship Leader

    Service leader Lem Coley, who grew up in Alabama, will discuss one of William Faulkner’s lesser known novels, Intruders In The Dust, highlighting the struggle between the pressures of society and one’s internal moral compass, and the importance of our 1st and 7th principles in navigating through such conflicts.