January 21 “On Being Safe” — Rev. Margie Allen

We think together this morning about what it means to be “safe” these days: safe in a conversation, safe in a relationship, safe in a group discussion, physically and emotionally safe in public spaces in times of ideological and social upheaval.

January 28 “Annual Youth-led Service” - UUFSB Youth Group

Please join our UUFSB Youth Group for our annual youth-led service and breakfast following. We will be discussing how stereotypes affect us, our communities, our world.  This service is an opportunity to get to know a bit more about the youth of our congregation - hope to see you there!

February 4 “This Nose” [#1 in series on The Senses] — Rev. Margie Allen

This is the first in a series of three services devoted to the senses: nose, eyes, ears this year; touch, taste and intuition in 2018-19. The regular exercise of our six senses keep us grounded in the present, safer in our environment, and connected to sources of beauty, pleasure, memory and meaning. In this series we get in touch with our animal selves.

February 11 “How Biomedical Research Impacts Communities of Color” — Racial Concerns Committee

Dr. Marsha J. Tyson Darling, Professor of History and Interdisciplinary Studies Director, Center for African, Black & Caribbean Studies at Adelphi University, will speak about how biomedical research impacts communities of color.

February 18 “Ubuntu” — Rev. Margie Allen

Our concept of the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part plays well with the African philosophy of Ubuntu. Through this lens we think together about the spirituality of community justice work.

February 25 “Hope” — Rev. Margie Allen

We figure out what this word means and then go looking for it, because we need some.

rra Nullius: On Being Erased