November 19 Thanksgiving Service – "Plenty" – Rev. Margie Allen

How much is “plenty?” Get set for the Thanksgiving holiday with an appreciation of the gifts of our Earth and our relationships with other living things. A choir of children join musicians Lee Morris, John Morris and Claudia Jacobs.

November 26 "Impact of Discrimination on Trans People" – Guest Speaker: Juli Grey-Owens

People who do not conform to gender-based stereotypes, or whose gender presentation or identity differs from the one usually associated with their anatomical sex, often experience persistent discrimination and harassment. We will discuss what causes transphobia and the effects of an environment where gender-expansive people must hide who they are or face the consequences of family rejection, loss of employment, housing and other public services. We will explore why those who are brave enough to be “out” regularly face violence and mistreatment, and what can be done to stop this indefensible situation.

December 3 "Simplicity: A Belated Happy 200th to Thoreau" – Rev. Margie Allen

He’d have turned 200 years old this past July 12th, a summer baby who grew up to be a perpetual inspiration, his cabin on Walden Pond a “can’t-wait” destination for every group of Boston-bound UU Coming-of-Agers. We’ll stop there too.

Terra Nullius: On Being Erased