September 23, 2018, “Disconnection and Loneliness” - Rev. Margie Allen

Loneliness is an epidemic problem these days. In the latest studies, youth and young adults appear to be suffering more than their elders. Loneliness costs us all, as individuals and as families and communities. Sometimes, it kills.

September 30, 2018, “Aging Series #1: “When You Are Old We Call it Aging” - Rev. Margie Allen

This is the first in a series of three. All our lives we are coping with changes that impact our physical ability, our identity, our capacity to make meaning of our experiences, and our spiritual and psychological adjustment to loss and fear. When we are old, we call this process aging. At midlife, we call it a crisis. When we are young, we call it growing. That’s how we’ll roll.

October 7, 2018, “Sanctuary Then and Now” - Deborah Little, Worship Leader

In this service, Deb Little will explore the history of religious participation in giving sanctuary and share some of the work being done now, at this historical moment, by UUFSB members in community with other faith groups on the North Shore.

October 14, 2018, “Features of White Supremacy Culture” - Rev. Margie Allen

The features of white supremacy culture look completely normal to the people it’s meant to privilege—the ones with light-colored skin. This death-dealing ruse makes its evil hard to challenge, but doing so is a spiritual quest of the most fundamental sort, for the one (unum) as for the many/more (plus, aka pluribus in the ablative case).

October 21, 2018, “UUs in the Big Picture of American Faith: Where are We Now?” - Rev. Margie Allen and the Committee on Ministries of the Congregation

As part of our study of the vigor of our Fellowship’s lay leadership cadre, Margie and the Committee on Ministries of the Congregation (COMC) invite you to enter the bigger picture by contributing what you think and do. We’ll tell you what we know already about the trends that are transforming congregations of every sort.

October 28, 2018, “Populism” - Frank Myers, Worship Leader


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