July 14, 2019, "Aging in Wisdom Traditions" (Summer Service Series #4) - Ken Marino & Doris Diamond, Worship Leaders

​What is the role of ritual in our lives? How do we re-enact our sacred milestones? Through modern earth-centered religions we will explore the role of ritual in our lives and how we can use ritual to reconnect to the earth. Music provided by Maureen Shaiman.

July 21, 2019, "Growing up UU and Raising UUs" (Summer Service Series #5) - Julia Dillon, Worship Leader

Julia describes from two different perspectives what it was like to be brought up as a UU in a town of Roman Catholics. She also provides a look ahead to the excitement of raising UU children. Music performed by Linda Cortese and Ron Posnak.

July 28, 2019, "Growing Up and Growing Older: Our UU Youth" (Summer Service Series #6) - David Silver, Worship Leader

As children grow into young adults, they are asked to adhere to the dogma and traditions of their faith. Unitarian Universalist children have a different spiritual journey. Join us to learn about how we work together to help our children become vibrant members of the UU and world community, as we guide them to define their faith and their beliefs, and to grow lifelong UU's. We will review several UU "rites of passages" including Growing UUp, Coming of Age(COA), and Our Whole Lives (OWL). Join Worship Leader David Silver (DRE UUCCN, LIAC OWL and COA facilitator) along with Joanne Polichetti (UUFH, LIAC COA facilitator) to learn our process.  Musicians Ariana Kata, Daniela Kata, Pete Kata and John Seppala will perform.

August 4 , 2019, "Being a Caregiver for a Parent" (Summer Service Series #7) - Mike Hoffman, Worship Leader


August 11 , 2019, "Beyond the Myth of the Midlife Crisis" (Summer Service Series #87) - John Lutterbie, Worship Leader

A discussion of what it is to experience and grow through a midlife crisis. A recognition of loss and the recognition of the new potentials for the later years of life. The importance and value of accepting the changes that come with aging as opportunities for growth and happiness. Dan Weymouth will provide music.