March 18 “Trying to Do Good” — Deborah Little, Worship Leader

Deborah Little will speak about our efforts as a church to do good. She will discuss her findings from reviews of our history of social justice work, interviews with 21 long-term members of this congregation, and data from last year’s COMC evaluation of our social justice mission.

March 25 “Lost and Found” — New Member Sunday — Rev. Margie Allen

Come say hello to our new members since last spring. They found us and we found them. On being lost and found and found and lost and amazing grace.

April 1 “Seven Last Words” (Easter Service) — Rev. Margie Allen

Jesus said seven things before he died that miserable death. As we contemplate resurrections, we look at how poets and artists and theologians and others have interpreted and reinterpreted those words

April 8 “My Heart’s Work: A Nurse’s Story” — Shelly Psaris, Worship Leader

Not everyone is blessed to have a profession that fulfills them so deeply over the years. Shelly Psaris will share her journey of 46 years in nursing. 

April 15 “These Ears” — Rev. Margie Allen

This is the last service in a series devoted to the senses: nose, eyes, ears this spring; touch, taste and intuition this coming fall. The regular exercise of our six senses keep us grounded in the present, safer in our environment, and connected to sources of beauty, pleasure, memory and meaning. In this series we get in touch with our animal selves.

rra Nullius: On Being Erased