To Make a Donation to the Fellowship

When you make a donation to UUFSB, your support help helps fund our services, our religious education programs, and all the other expenses of the Fellowship. To make a tax-deductible contribution, click the "Donate" button below. You'll be taken to a "Paypal" page, where you can select your donation amount. Thank you for your support!


Shopping for the Fellowship

The best way to shop for UUFSB is to click below to go to  You can buy almost anything through Amazon and when you do, the Fellowship receives an average of 6% of your sale. 


You can also shop with hundreds of online stores through and a percentage of the sale, typically 1-2% will come back to UUFSB. Through Give Back you can connect to (travel), Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, and many other online sellers. Or click here for more information.


Global Good Partners: Click below to learn about our exciting new partnership with Global Good Partners (GGP). You can shop for fair trade products made by GGP's partners in Asia, Africa and the Americas to raise funds for UUFSB, while also improving the lives of women and their families in some of the most impoverished communities in the world.