The Council of Committee Chairs supports the Vision and Mission of the Fellowship, coordinates the activities of the Fellowship, and facilitates communication among the members.  The Council is chaired by the Vice President of the Board.  Each committee is represented on the Council by its chair or by a designated substitute representative.

The Council:

  • Facilitates the sharing of information from committees, and when needed, helps in the coordination of work affecting more than one committee.
  • Engages in in-depth consideration of issues that involve multiple committees or congregational systems, at times at the request of the Board or specific committees.  (It is the COMC, however, that performs conflict resolution that may arise in the community.)
  • Based upon such discussions, may propose policy recommendations to the Board or to affected committees.
  • Maintains a directory of committees and committee chairs; provides this information, including pertinent changes, to the office, the Board and staff.
  • Establishes a calendar of committee-sponsored Fellowship events; provides this information, including pertinent changes, to the office, Board and Staff.
  • Establishes/revisits its own Mission Statement on a yearly basis.
  • Provides leadership training for committees.

All Council actions and deliberations are open and transparent.

2016-2017 Council Members

Council Chair:  John Seppala, Vice President, Board of Trustees



Standing Committees of the Fellowship
Our by-laws specify that these committees are to be represented in the Council;
these chairs are approved / appointed by the Board

By-laws Review

Linda Volkersz


Contact: Colleen Rudman

Denominational Affairs

Laura Lesch

DRE Advisory

Judd Kramarcik

Facilities Management


Facilities - Buildings & Grounds

Bill Lynch

Facilities - Building Use

Joanne Hammer


John Robinson


C.J. Wynne

Lifespan Enrichment

Gil Hanson


Marie Baltz and Susan Buckley


Rosemary Schumann

Ministerial Relations

Joan Rubenstein

Music Committee

Chris D'Orso

Racial Concerns

Barbara Coley and Kay Aparo

Religious Education

Nancy Hunter and Michele Maggio

Social Justice

Contact: Lori Jones 

Ways and Means


Committees of the Congregation
Members of these committees are elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting

Annual Budget Drive

Lem Coley


Darren Goldstein, Scott Steinberg

Committee on Ministries of the Congregation

Dave Tarbell


John Seppala


Linda Cortese



Deborah Gale & Alexis Grasso

Grounds and Sounds

Mike Hoffman


Megs Shea

Meditative Arts

Linda Mikell

Pastoral Assistants

Linda Kirk

Personnel Support


Worship Associates

Ellen Bartley