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The mission of the Committee on Ministries of the Congregation (COMC) is to assist the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stony Brook realize its values and aspirations as expressed in its mission statement.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Stony Brook is a religious community that seeks diversity, individual growth, and social and economic justice.


In short, the COMC is tasked with assessing whether we, as a fellowship, are expressing and reflecting our faith and values. Are we doing what we hope to do when we engage in our various ministries?

Ministry at UUFSB is understood to include any actions performed as outward signs of religious faith and/or values, or as reflections of our seven principles. There is a large body of work/activity that the COMC may draw upon in its effort to assess whether we are living up to our stated goals.


The COMC fulfills its mission primarily through assessment, research, and recommendation. The COMC uses the mission and vision statements of the UUFSB and any related statements of intent to inform our deliberations. The COMC periodically evaluates the structure and performance of the Fellowship. The COMC undertakes a topic to evaluate, typically aiming to study at least one area/topic per congregational year, but there are topics and situations which may require longer or shorter study periods.

Click this link to see the COMC Work Flow Chart. Finalized in 2015, it illustrates the path that the committee follows as it undertakes its evaluation, subsequent reporting, and any recommendations.

Areas of evaluation (recent topics studied)


Two topics were identified using the results of the Congregational Survey:
1. An interest in more adult religious education
2. Conflict resolution at UUFSB


A Congregational Survey was developed to determine how we might increase involvement of members in the work of the Fellowship, in particular in volunteer leadership.


During this Fellowship year the COMC finalized our report on the Fellowship involvement in Social Justice and a copy of that report was submitted to the Board.


The COMC consists of six members, who serve a three-year term on a rotating basis, with two new members elected each year. Members are nominated by the Nominating Committee and are elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting in June. With input from COMC members, the Nominating Committee selects candidates who:

  • have been UUFSB members for at least 3 years
  • are broadly representative of the congregation
  • have stature and respect in the Fellowship community
  • are dedicated to UUFSB's mission above personal agendas
  • understand the concept of shared ministry
  • respect privileged information
  • have an effective working relationship with the Minister and the Director of Religious Education.

The members of the COMC:

  • Dave Tarbell (Committee Chair) 
  • Carol Castillo 
  • Laurie Filstrup
  • Laura Lesch
  • John Lutterbie
  • Linda Pfeiffer 

Ex Officio members:

  • Margie Allen, Minister
  • Deborah Little, DRE